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Rob Allen Mouse 30 Short Scale Bass

Mouse 30 walnut


Mouse 30 Maple

Mouse 30 Bass Flamey Maple

  • Birdseye maple neck
  • Goncalo alves fingerboard
  • Mahogany body with maple top
  • Ivoroid binding


Mouse 30 Walnut

Mouse 30 Bass Walnut

  • Birdseye maple neck
  • Goncalo alves fingerboard
  • Ash body with walnut top
  • Tortoise binding


Mouse 30 Koa

Mouse 30 Bass Koa

  • Birdseye maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Alder body with premium koa top
  • Tortoise binding


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Mouse 30 premium maple top Mouse 30 mahogany body Mouse 30 drop-D tuner Mouse 30 premium walnut top with f-hole and extended fingerboard/thumbrest Mouse 30 swamp ash body Mouse 30 unlined fingerboard Mouse 30 bound headstock Mouse 30 cross section rolled fingerboard edge Mouse 30 alder body

Mouse 30

Many studio pros know the secret of how unique short scale basses sound. The lower string tension provided by the short scale has several benefits - easy playabilty, sweet upper register tones and fat blooming low end, not to mention the added nuance that comes naturally when playing this type of bass. Unlike most short scale basses available, The Mouse 30 bass is hand crafted to the highest professional quality. And though it shares the same high quality materials as the MB-2 bass, you'll find the Mouse 30 definitely has a personality all its own.

Mouse 30 Standard Features

  • 30" scale
  • lined fretless fingerboard with 18 positions
  • side dot position markers
  • birdseye maple neck, finished in satin lacquer
  • 1 5/8" nut
  • 23/32" string spacing at bridge
  • semi-hollow body design
  • fully shielded body cavity
  • oil finish
  • single volume control integrated in bridge
  • Fishman Matrix piezo pickup
  • La Bella 760n black nylon wrap strings
  • Hipshot Ultralight tuners
  • approximate weight 5.5 pounds
  • overall instrument length 38"
  • gig bag included

Mouse 30f

The Mouse 30 is also available as a fretted model. The Mouse 30f features tiny mandolin sized frets and an Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Indian Rosewood, while certainly a hard wood, is less heavy and dense than the Ebony and Goncalo Alves used on fretless models. This “softer” wood helps to offset the addition of subtle brightness added by frets, and creates a beauiful full yet clear tone. The bridge is also made of the same material, and can be adjusted for intonation. The small frets make for a very comfortable feel, improve intonation due to their low profile, and will last practically forever as the nylon wrapped 760n strings cause very little wear.

clear Mouse 30f adjustable bridge Mouse 30f koa with f-hole and extended fingerboard/thumbrest Mouse 30f maple Mouse 30f walnut with f-hole and extended fingerboard/thumbrest Mouse 30f fret closeup Mouse 30f koa with f-hole and extended fingerboard/thumbrest