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Hard shell case for MB-2 and Deep 4/5
MB-2 case       Interior of Mouse 30 case

Hard Case

These deluxe cases are made specifically for Rob Allen basses. The instruments press-fit into the case, so they have zero movement. All components are of the highest quality and make a really nice package with any of the bass models.

Price: $250 plus $30 shipping (email for international shipping)

Deluxe form-fit hard shell MB-2 case.

Deluxe form-fit hard shell Mouse 30 case


La Bella Strings La Bella Strings for Mouse 30 La Bella Slapper Strings

La Bella Strings

La Bella strings are the standard for all my basses. Available as an extra long scale set for MB-2 and Deep 4/5 models (left) or as a custom short scale set for Mouse 30 models (middle). These are steel flats with nylon wrap for a nice, fat tone. The smooth outer wrapping makes for easy intonation. Extra long scale strings are available in 4 or 5 string sets.

La Bella Slappers (right) are nickel roundwound strings. They are the standard strings for the Solid 4 bass. The softer nickel material is good for fret life (especially with small frets) and has a really nice warm sound.

Plus US shipping: $7 for 1-3 sets
Plus international shipping: $14 for 1-3 sets


Hipshot Ultralite Bass Extender (Drop D Tuner)

Hipshot Ultralite Bass Extender (Drop D Tuner)

Replaces the E tuner and extends the range of your bass. Use lever to instantly change E to D, C, or low B.

Price: $100

Plus US shipping: $7

Plus international shipping: $14